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Learning the SEO basics can at first be a daunting task. You’d have to know the terms, how search engines work, how to optimize, then you’ll be faced by the bigger words like on page optimization or keyword research. I admit, facing those terms you’d be more than daunted by the seemingly complex art of SEO.

But before you close the book on your SEO journey because of your fear, let me tell you right now that it just sounds like it’s complicated, but it’s actually one of the easiest things to learn. But don’t let that factoid fool you, for though it is easy to learn, it sometimes takes a lifetime to master.

Many SEO experts continue researching and learning about it to keep up to date to all the changes in the field. Since search engine optimization is deeply rooted in technology, so too does the changes that go with it. We all know that technology changes at a fast pace. Computers grow smaller, search engines grow smarter and more complex, and what may work perfectly five years ago, may not work at all, or worse, may even cause more harm than good.

If you are a little familiar with the history of SEO, which you might learn once you get to research more about it, you will know how during the infancy of the Internet, some SEO techniques involve just typing the keyword over and over. Now, if you are old enough to remember it, these sites may seem strange to you, but as you grow more knowledgeable, you will understand what it all means. Now, if you used those techniques today, not only won’t it work, but it may even lessen your chances to be ranked since search engines may block it as spam.

So for those who wish to learn SEO be sure to make your basic foundation solid, because once things get to be more complex, you will learn that the simplest way may turn out to be the best way.

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