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You are probably aware that link building for SEO is very important. The proper SEO techniques is as important as well. I want to talk about link reputation and link popularity. When we think of links getting fired to your website, there are two factors that we need to take into account, link reputation and link popularity. Link popularity has to do with how many links, or how strong the links are. It’s important to have high link popularity. The other thing that is important is reputation. We can have lots of links pointing to the website, but unless they’re pointing to the website with the right word, they’re not going to be that important.

What is a reputation you ask? Reputation is what people say about you. What the links are saying about you is the link reputation, whereas link popularity has to do with how many links we’re getting. It’s important to have good link popularity and good link reputation.

Let’s take a look at ways on how to get inbound links. We’ll start with what I consider to be the best and easiest way. First there are articles. Articles are fantastic because there are articles directories across the internet and there are websites that collect people’s articles, almost like a repository of articles where people will go and submit articles. For submitting the article, you get to put something in what is known as the resource box. At the bottom of all articles there is a resource box, and usually it is something that points back to the author.

You can direct your articles back to your website. You might go off to an article directory, and one of the best ones is You publish your article and the resource box you link back to your website. You would make sure you have your keyword in the resource box and link it through and also you might have the url. It varies depending on the site. Some sites will let you have more links in there, and other sites will let you have fewer links there.

Writing articles are the best thing to do. You can get articles written- there are article services out there. You can go to rentacoder, you can go to needanarticle. You can get articles written for you, keyword optimised already and then you can publish them. An important point is that it is better to have these articles keyword optimised, and here’s why. First, you might be able to get that article to rank itself off the back of ezine articles. You might get it to come up in the search engine and rank for the keyword you are optimizing for. That’s why it’s important to have it optimized.

Another reason builds on the idea of link reputation. A link that comes from a page, if that page is on topic, is important. Let’s say we had two articles, one on dog’s health and one on the best wine. The link about wine is coming from a page about wine, so it is more important. But the real reason is, if you optimize you might get ranked in the search engine and you also might come up higher on the article directory itself. The article directory has its own search features. This can be a key feature of your link building for search engine optimization strategy.

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