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1. Keep your URLs short

Like humans, search engines appreciate addresses that are easy to understand. Why do you think there are so many URL shorteners out there? why do you think they’re so very, very popular? Consider custom URLs when you’re using URL Shorteners like, they make your URLs more noticeable, memorable and most importantly more crawlable – for example –

2. Link everywhere!

Creating organic links to your site and specifically to relevant content within your site is crucial. Try to be specific.
If you happen to write on general technology and are commenting on a fellow blogger site about smart phones, don’t link back to the main address of your site, instead comment and say “I wrong about it here” and give the address of a specific, relevant post or category.  Don’t be spammy when commenting though.

3. Blow your own horn

Add links to your site to your different Social Media profiles. Profiles themselves rank with search engines, they are crawled and indexed like any other page online. Utilize this by directing visitors to your profile and linking to your different resources from within your profile.
Add your blog to your Facebook profile. For many, this is seen as a strong link from a strong domain (of course it helps with traffic too)


4. Link differently

I’ve written before about utilizing different linking methods. Linking should be almost as important as your content. What good is a store if there’s no door to get into the place? what god is a store door if no-one knows where it is?
Think – having a link is like having a store with a door from a street. Which would you rather? a door to your store from a busy main street or one from a dead end back alley?


5. Make friends with Search Engines


p>One of the first things I make sure happens whenever a new site goes online or a redesign goes up is the appropriate Sitemaps and index reporting to search engines and that the search engine robots and crawlers can access the site.
How can a search engine index and rank you if they don’t know you’re there?
That’s what they’re there for. Use them.

Author: Andy Quayle

Andy was born in the Isle of Man and currently lives in Pittsburgh.
Known globally as a willing source for tech news and views, Andy takes great pride in consultation and education.

Should his schedule permit, Andy is available to help you with your SEO and Web Analytics needs.