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So, I recently started using Verizon FIOS, I’m loving it! More about that later though.

Here’s my deal. The Verizon guy installed the hardware with no problems, there’s a DVD player, a Vonage Phone V-Portal adapter and a couple of Wireless devices hooked up to the Verizon MI424WR Wireless Router.

All was well, there was a dial tone on the phone, crisp clean call quality naturally. The Internet is blazing fast everywhere it needs to be. However, they didn’t both work fully at the same time.
Whenever I was on the phone, the wireless would drop. This is kind of a pain when you’re trying to look things up for clueless parents.

Now, I’ve installed many, many wireless routers. My wireless device of choice is anything from Linksys. This one had me stumped for a while though.

Before I tinkered with the Verizon router that I know very little about I figured that I’d put the question out to Twitter and see if any of my followers had any ideas.

The wonderful @DaCheat immediately sprung back with a response that I really should have kicked myself for.

You see, with Linksys, D-Link etc routers, the channels are preset to not interfere with most coreless phones that operate at 2.4Ghz. Naturally, the wireless device you receive from Verizon, a phone company, is the one that is going to give you interference.

After the tip from Michael, I quickly looked up the default login information for the router, logged in and set it to a more standard Channel 11.

Now, I have great internet service, tooo many television channels and excellent phone service that I can use all at the same time!

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Author: Andy Quayle

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