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ROYAL PALM BEACH, Fla., March 31, 2010 — “I feel like
giving up on college.” “I wish I hadn’t eaten that apple
pie.” “I went to my best friend’s bachelor party and got a
lot more than I’d bargained for. I’m married. And now I feel

These are just a few of the soul-bearing postings on
, a new free social media
site designed to help users clear the air, share the load
and move past their indiscretions, both large and small. For
most of us, a natural reaction to making a mistake is to
feel guilty, that nagging sense of letting yourself down,
letting other people down and failing. “Guilt is something
that can eat away at you,” said Sal Colascione III, whose
business, Madison Ross Media Group, connects like-minded
communities through targeted social media, a virtual world
that attracts millions of users around the globe.
After overindulging at dinner one night, Colascione created
, a concept that quickly
attracted fans in need of a virtual place to clear the air.
“My goal is to allow users to see that they’re not alone
when it comes to their own guilty pleasures. We’re all
guilty of something. This is a place where people can let it
out or just speak their minds, anonymously if they choose.”
Registered users can post short (140 characters or less)
text notices about themselves, what’s on their mind and what
they feel guilty about. Users can also subscribe to the
notices of friends, or other people, and follow them on the
Web or in an RSS feed.

The concept of is obviously
resonating in the short few weeks it’s been around. Already,
795 Facebook fans have signed on in support of the idea.
“Everybody wants to get a load off their mind,” says
Colascione. “This offers an alternative to feeling weighted
down and alone.”


Founded by Sal Colascione III in March, 2010, And Now I Feel
Guilty is a free microblogging service designed by Madison
Ross Media Group based on the Free Software StatusNet tool.
Users are connected by a need to share a guilty thought,
action or intention with a like-minded community.

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