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With as much communication as we have in our lives right now, there are a lot of phone numbers flying around everywhere.
I’m lucky, in my phone I have quite an extensive, mostly well managed, address book. If anyone I know calls me (and sometimes people I don’t know) the name and sometimes a picture shows along with the incoming number. Not that I pick and choose which calls I take, it’s just good to know and know how to answer.

There are times though, when you get that weird number that shows up on your home or cell phone and you have no idea who it is, why they keep calling or why they keep on calling.

Working in the Police Department when I do, we deal with a few Harassment by communication calls where the recipient of the calls has no idea who insists on calling them at all hours of the day and night and why they’re doing it. It can be quite unnerving even if nothing is said on the other end.

Whatever you do, If you receive an unsolicited call from an unknown party at an unknown number, never give out any personal information. Use common sense and contact your local Law Enforcement if you feel the need. You can check here for a couple of Phone  Privacy Tips too.

Whether it’s curiosity, research, harassment, or any other reason, it’s good to have a resource you can turn to to look up numbers when you need to.

This is where you can turn to Reverse Number Lookup sites online, simply tap in the offending phone number and let the site do all the work for you, telling you who the provider is, where it is based, when it was registered, whether it’s cellular or landline based, who it’s owner is, where they live and more.

Be aware though, there are so many Free Phone Lookup sites online it’ll likely blow your mind. As with anything online, some are legitimate, some are not.
Of course, some phone number lookup sites are better than others. That’s how it goes with anything online.
Look for a service that charges a very minimal one time fee of you choose to use the service only once (which is what we all hope for, right?). Some claim to charge a one time fee and then end up with a recurring charge on your account.

Calm down, slow down, read the small print, and choose a Reverse Phone Number Lookup service that you can trust.

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