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The new Flip Mino HD is a delight for those who have enjoyed its predecessors. Although there aren’t many significant differences between the new and the older versions, certain features of the new Flip Mino HD give it an edge over the earlier versions.

This new pocket camera looks almost 1.5 inches slimmer than the previous model. It is stunning to look at, thanks to its metal body. Moreover, it is more comfortable to grip even with a single hand, thanks to its soft rounded edges. This is a refreshing change from the sharp-edged plastic body of the earlier models.

The new screen is bigger and sharper too, which is 2 inches with a video resolution of 1280×720. However, the capacity of its internal memory is the best feature of this new camera. The memory capacity is now 8 GB, which is precisely twice that of the previous models. Further, the new model allows you to continuously watch videos for two hours instead of the earlier limit of 60 minutes. After the acquisition of Flip by Cisco, almost everything has been tweaked. The improved features of the camera are surely a sign of the same. The processor speed has been enhanced too.

The HDMI port is a new feature that allows you to share videos on HD screens. Although this port was present in the previous models, it was closed with an ugly-looking cover. However, in the new model, you can open and close this cover using a small switch. Smart eh! The bad part is that the camera does not come with a HDMI cable. You have to buy one for yourself separately.

However, some features have remained untouched. Features such as the extremely sensitive touch pads, which are activated even by an accidental touch, the lens, and the sensor have remained the same. They are really annoying features. The sensor is perfect for close up shots when the lighting is appropriate. While in low light it is hazy. The camera does not have optical zoom so one cannot take stills.

This new pocket camera is definitely a very simple and easy-to-use camera that is suitable for recording videos. Plus, it suits your wallet too. Although the Kodak models are better, the Flip gives them fair competition. However, in order to survive the intense competition provided by smart phones and ipod nano, both of which are known for their excellent performance, the Flip has to get rid of its flaws soon.

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