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I wrote a little while ago about the Starbucks Mobile Card app and how I couldn’t wait for it to go nationwide. Well, it’s a little step closer.

It’s an interesting expansion too, with an interesting partnership… with Target. photo (3)

Right now, there are about 1,800 locations around the country at which you can pop open your app on your iPhone and have the cashier scan your screen by way of payment. Around the Pittsburgh area there are… 6.

According to Starbucks you can use the barcode payment app at Target Stores too, which is handy. Weird but handy.

So, I have my Starbucks Gold card registered with my Mobile Card app. I can refill it right from my iPhone and soon, hopefully very soon, I’ll be able to flash my phone at the staff member at Starbucks, have them scan the screen and never have to reach for my wallet! yay!

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