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(ARA) – More than one new, flat-panel-TV owner has joyfully mounted his new prized possession – either on the wall or a console – only to discover that the image doesn’t look right when he sits in his favorite chair. He’s a victim of viewing angle challenges, a problem that can confine TV viewing to a tiny zone, directly in front of the LCD TV.

While costlier plasma TVs rarely pose viewing angle problems, if you’ve ever tried to view a less costly LCD TV from a 70 or 80 degree angle, you’ve probably seen picture degradation. LCD TVs are often more cost-effective, allowing you to purchase a larger screen for less money, and can offer an exceptional picture when viewed from straight on, but the nature of the technology means the picture will be of a lower quality if viewed from an angle.

One solution, of course, is to arrange your seating so that you are only ever viewing the image from directly in front of the TV. However, this may not always be practical in smaller rooms or areas like a bedroom, where you may not have available wall space directly in front of the bed.

Movable wall mounts are a better solution, flat screen experts report. Fortunately, there are many options for wall mounting a TV that will allow you to adjust the viewing angle. A movable mount can help you optimize picture quality, so you’re getting the most out of your expensive investment. Plus, modern movable mounts are made with aesthetics in mind, so you can be sure to find a mount that fits your needs and your decor.

Options for movable wall mounts include:

Full-motion mounts – These mounts extend, tilt and swivel in all directions. Place your LCD TV on a full-motion mount and you’ll be able to view your TV from multiple positions in a room – whether it’s the sofa directly in front of the TV, or your favorite recliner in the far corner of the room. Sanus Systems manufactures a full-motion wall mount that fits 42- to 63-inch flat panels and extends nearly 26 inches from the wall on dual extension arms for added strength. A slightly different version allows the TV to extend 28 inches from the wall and hides cables within the arm.
Tilting mounts – Mounts like the VisionMount LT25 can fit flat screens up to 60 inches wide and allow you to position and reposition the TV after it’s mounted. Tilting mounts are a great solution if you would like to watch your flat screen while you’re laying flat on a bed. They also help reduce glare from lights and windows.

Motorized mounts – A remote control allows you to move these fully automated mounts from anywhere in the room, making it easy to achieve the perfect viewing angle for a variety of seating areas. You can preset the mount to move the TV to a selected position when you turn on the TV, or you can use the remote to position the TV as desired. Sanus makes a motorized full-motion wall mount that extends 12 inches from the wall and fits TVs 40 to 63 inches in size. A decorative cover conceals cables and hardware. An ultra quiet version extends 9 inches from the wall and provides, quiet, smooth movement. Motorized tilting mounts are also available.

Movable wall mounts mean there’s more reason than ever to wall mount your flat panel, especially if you have an LCD TV. These mounts allow you to adjust the viewing angle to ensure maximum visibility and enjoyment of your flat-panel TV.

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