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No, Laptops and Netbooks aren’t dead or dying. New technologies aren’t putting them out of business.

There is as much as need now, as there ever has been for the portability and functionality of Netbook computers.
Samsung has some really sweet, really inexpensive Netbook computers and has great deals on them. Check out the deals from just $268 on up,

Whether it’s new or factory refurbished you’re looking for this is a site that is really worth checking out.

I’ve had customers who have bought Samsung Netbooks, I’ve used them and really haven’t wanted to give them back! they’re really sleek, well built machines.

Personally though, I like the Samsung NP-N310. Admittedly mostly because it looks really nice but also because it’s really, really closely specced to a a laptop without being bulky and clunky like a laptop.

At just 10.3inches by 1.1inches by 7.2 inches and weighing in at just 2.9 pounds it’s small enough and light enough to not worry too much about lugging around.

A gig of RAM, 160gb Hard Drive and a 1024×600 resolution actually make this netbook comparable to many desktop computers that I’ve seen of late.
All the ports on the N310 make it a tech dream. SD Readers, Ethernet, WiFi, VGA, and RJ45 make it really useful at a client site.

Yes, my ideal Samsung Netbook would cost me just over $300 🙂 can’t beat that, right?

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