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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NAVTEQ. All opinions are 100% mine.

Summer is, as we all know, traveling season. More families take to the roads, gas prices go up, in-car arguments ensue. All the fun of the road right?

More and more of us has GPS (Global Positioning System) units that hopefully alleviate some of the stress of traveling on the roads. If you don’t have a portable unit, you likely have a vehicle with a GPS built in or a phone with GPS built into it.

I was surprised to see 18 different brands of car offering built in GPS  including Ford, Volvo, Nissan, Audi and more.

As handy as GPS Units are, like anything technology driven, they’re only as good as the information they’re given. The information is only as up to date as the information provided.

New roads are built, stores, gas stations, banks, construction, things move. Things change.

Many GPS users just take it for granted that they have their GPS unit and that the information is magically beamed into it. Well, it is – to a point, but the Maps in the device need to be updated. Not enough people update their GPS devices, know how to update their GPS devices or even know that they need to update their GPS devices.

NAVTEQ, one of the bigger players in anything GPS Map related has launched to help users update their GPS Units.

I know that I had an older, more than slightly out of date GPS unit. While trying to drive out of Pittsburgh one day if tried to direct me the wrong way onto Forbes avenue, one of the more main routes in the area.   If I didn’t know the area and didn’t know that the turn my GPS told me to take was a wrong one things could have ended up rather badly.
It’s an easy mistake to make. I often pass by that corner and see others looking lost and trying to turn the wrong way.

Maybe if I had an up to date map in my device I wouldn’t have been lead down the wrong path.

Before you get on the road this summer, before you go to school, visit family, drive to your favorite vacation destination, do yourself a favor and check to see whether your maps are up to date.

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Share your story – has your GPS lead you astray?

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