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When it comes to testing the speeds of Internet connected machines this site is a must!

All over the world, in enterprise, homes, by computer professionals and everyone else, this site is probably the number one site of its kind – at least I haven’t found one that I prefer to it.

Just like the address says, is simply a site that sends data from your machine to many of the speedtest servers across the country (the closer the server is to you geographically, the better the test), they analyze the data and give you your download speeds, upload speeds, ping times, ISP info and much more.

image Why is this important? Well, maybe you’re just curious as to how good your ISP really is (compared to the average) maybe you like seeing that you have blazing fast Internet.
Speedtest has been widely utilized by tech support companies and individuals to troubleshoot problems. Is your Internet Slow? well, the chances are that Speedtest can tell you whether the problem is with your ISP or with your computer.

I’ve actually visited clients who were paying for a faster speed of Internet and were complaining about slow connectivity. After running a couple of speed tests and contacting the client ISP I we found that the ISP wasn’t giving them the speed that they were paying for. Of course, giving my client a refund and changing the account.

There are options too – an iPhone plugin so you can test your mobile data speed or Wifi Speed and a Chrome plugin to test with just one click.

How fast is your connection? Check out and share your results.

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