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(ARA) – Until now, there’s been nothing quite like the experience of catching your favorite flick in the theater, but today’s technology makes it possible to bring the magic of the theater experience to your home.

Each year, home theater equipment becomes more sophisticated and affordable, allowing more homeowners to turn their family rooms into screening rooms. With a little attention to lighting, seating, sound and the right TV screen, you too can create a cinematic experience in your home.

According to THX LTD., the organization that created the design and certification programs for cinemas, audio systems and HDTVs, you can create the feel of the theater by simply making the right choices for your primary TV viewing area in your house.


The most important decision you make will be the equipment you select to play your movies. Yet, even with advances in technology like the Blu-ray high-definition format and enhancements in picture quality, only a few of today’s most advanced flat screens can replicate what you would see at the theater.

To assist consumers in selecting an HDTV for their home theater, THX has developed a Display Certification, which requires rigorous testing to prove that the television is able to recreate the vivid contrast, bright colors, and detail present when a movie leaves the director’s studio. The certification ensures that what viewers are seeing at home replicates the movie experience. “Now you can see every jaw-dropping explosion and special effect just as it is presented in the theater, except you’ll be watching from the comfort of your couch,” says Rick Dean, senior vice president of THX.

The only LED LCDs in the U.S. to receive THX Display Certification are the new Infinia HDTVs from LG. These sets are equipped with Full LED Slim technology that employs patented backlighting for an ultra-slim depth without sacrificing picture quality. By simply selecting one of the THX modes on an LG LX9500 or LE8500, you can turn your living room into a screening room with just the touch of a button. No professional installation is needed.

Movie buffs will appreciate the accurate recreation of the filmmaker’s vision, Dean explains. In fact, at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival – one of the leading film festivals in the U.S. – German filmmaker Björn Richie Lob’s documentary “Keep Surfing” was screened on LG Infinia LED HDTVs. It was the first time a television had ever been used for a screening at the festival.


Why settle for a rickety theater seat when you can tailor the seating in your cinema to your comfort? Whether you favor a cushy recliner or couch to cuddle on, the beauty of having a home theater is being able to add that sense of comfort that you might not get at your local cinema.

Where do you place your TV in relation to your seating for optimal viewing? For the best seat in the house, Dean recommends the following distances based on the size of your television:

  • 35-inch TV = 3.5-5 feet
  • 40-inch TV = 4-6 feet

  • 50-inch TV = 5-7.5 feet

  • 60-inch TV = 6-9 feet


It’s also important to make the lighting in your home work with the TV. Some televisions have settings that allow you to adjust the color to match the lighting in your living room with the touch of a button. When evaluating the lighting in your home just remember that darker is most often better, so add in dimmer switches where you can.


Some TVs have excellent sound quality built right in, however you may wish to go with a surround sound system to catch every whisper and feel every explosion. Dean suggests, “Place the main speakers at the front of the room and make sure the tweeters are near ear level to where you will be sitting. Hard surfaces will cause sound to echo, so you may want to consider covering uncarpeted floors with a rug and place curtains over any windows.”


Have some fun decorating the room with posters from your favorite movies or get a popcorn maker. Part of the fun of having a home theater is you can add your own flair to the movie experience. But most importantly, make your space comfortable.

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