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(ARA) — Whether it’s looking for the perfect first-date movie or searching for lyrics to a favorite song, Americans are spending increasing amounts of time searching for ideal ways to spend their hard-earned free time and dollars. In fact, one of every 10 online searches is entertainment related. While the online explosion of entertainment activities and information means more choices, it also means doing more leg-work to find that right choice.

According to a recent survey, 90 percent of respondents say they are now juggling multiple entertainment-related searches each week versus doing one search that brings back all the information they want and need. That adds up to a large chunk of time spent hunting online for movie trailers and theaters, online game-play and “cheats,” video streams, song samples and lyrics.

“We found nearly two-thirds of people visited at least one online site when planning a night out, but only about one in 10 have a single trusted online source for entertainment information,” says Lisa Gurry, senior director of Bing at Microsoft Corp. “That shows us that people need better ways to find the best entertainment fit – whether they are planning a night out at the movies or a night in listening to their favorite tunes or playing their favorite online game.”

Sites like, enable consumers to get results with fewer “clicks” which allows them to tackle the most common, time-consuming entertainment quandaries today. For example, Bing Entertainment enables consumers to:

  • Discover and play more than 5 million full-length top songs and hard-to-find lyrics for free.
  • Make use of one-click purchase of songs and tickets from Zune, iTunes or

  • Utilize 35,000 top video game walkthroughs and cheats.

  • Watch 1,500 TV shows and 20,000 episodes, check TV listings and have easy access to episodes, reviews, images and more.

  • Decide which popular movies to see, where and when, with visual search, customer reviews, in-line movie trailers, highlight clips, one-click ticket purchasing and more.

So when you are searching for sites that can help you with your entertainment questions, be sure to not overlook the actual search sites themselves as they often provide all the information you are looking for. Why spend time looking for the next site when you already have the answers at the first click?

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