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Finding a job in the current economic climate can be a struggle even for the most qualified candidates. This is especially true in the information technology sector, where increasing numbers of graduates are flooding the marketplace. Often, a single networking job can have dozens of applicants or more.

With this kind of stiff competition, individuals need to take their skills to the next level, bolstering not only their knowledge base, but their resume. One of the best ways to distinguish oneself from the others applying for networking positions is to earn CCNA certification.

A Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is one of the most highly regarded certifications in the networking industry. By earning CCNA certification, individuals will not only hone their networking skills, but will be able to prove this knowledge to employers. Individuals with a CCNA certification on their resume automatically stand out from their colleagues, since the CCNA certification process is a rigorous and comprehensive test that requires individuals to demonstrate their networking skills with a number of relevant and cutting-edge networking concepts.

Individuals interested in CCNA certification should be prepared for a wide range of topics. CCNA certification is designed to focus on mid-sized or switched networks, and will require individuals to demonstrate skill in all areas of networking, from installation and configuration to operation and overall maintenance. To this end, CCNA certification has candidates perform specific networking tasks, including successfully connecting remote sites in a wide area network (WAN). To pass the examination, individuals must be able to not only create connections, but verify the connection’s strength and security.

The CCNA strives to stay up-to-date with the latest networking technology. Accordingly, current CCNA certification focuses heavily on wireless networking concepts. The latest version of the CCNA covers a number of updated protocols, including IP, Ethernet, access control lists, Serial Line Interface Protocol Frame Relay and more. To earn CCNA certification, individuals must not only be familiar with the technology and terminology, but they must also have the necessary skill sets to work within these contexts. In this way, the CCNA is not only a knowledge-based assessment but involves a number of performance-based skills as well. Because of this mix, the CCNA proves to employers that an individual is well equipped to perform a wide range of networking tasks on the job.

Because the CCNA is a comprehensive exam with both knowledge and performance elements, individuals must be well prepared in order to ensure high marks. All individuals are encouraged to study before taking the certification test, especially if they are several years removed from their formal training. Fortunately, there are a number of resources available to help with the studying process. There are various formal review and preparation classes, but many individuals opt to prepare on their own schedule, either through online support or a CCNA Training. One of the most commonly used resources is This website provides free CCNA preparation and review, making it a powerful and versatile option for anyone preparing to take the CCNA exam.

The test can be completed at a variety of institutions, and after thorough preparation, individuals can arrange to have the test administered to them. Often, it is possible to tailor the time and location of the exam to fit any schedule. There is a price associated with the test, so individuals should be ready to provide payment prior to completing the exam. With computerized testing, results can be provided instantly, and individuals who receive a passing grade will receive their certification through the mail.

Those who successfully complete the CCNA test and receive their certification will have a crucial resume booster. Though CCNA certification is no guarantee of a job, it can be a great way to stand out from the pack, an essential foot in the door in the competitive networking market.

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