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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of ampm. All opinions are 100% mine.


Want to know a secret? well, actually a bunch of secrets. I happen to have some inside knowledge about some items that aren’t being published on the ampm menu but you can go ahead and order them anyway.

Tasty, tasty items like the Hot Chihuahua – which doesn’t only look good but it’d be so fun to order, and the Tower of Torta which I think I’d order just to see it sitting in front of me (or maybe I could hide behind it).

Of course, like any good company who is using a Social Media Strategy to secretly promote their… secrecy (yes, it did sound weird) ampm is looking for feedback, comment on your favorite items, maybe point out which ones you really don’t like the look of.

This isn’t just an one time deal either. Because Chihuahuas, Tortas, Infernos, and Conquistadors are nearly too much to handle on their own, ampm is unveiling more items throughout the end of August.

Also, as if ordering secret items from a secret menu doesn’t make you feel special enough, on August 2nd the option to create your own menu items is going to pop up on the ampm Facebook site.

Ha! Can you imagine, standing in line at the ampm order line, along with everyone else who is scouring the menu for something that looks more appetizing than something else. You lean in a little to the attendant and say in an audible whisper “I’ll take a Towering Inferno”. I don’t think you’d even need to turn around to see the puzzled faces behind you as they try to find something that exciting listed on their menu 🙂

Check out the secret menu tab on the ampm Facebok page, see what they have, like what you’d like and order… secretly.


Author: Andy Quayle

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