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It's the time of year when early-summer shows start wrapping up and late-summer series being rolling out – which means there's no better time to take advantage of great satellite TV promotions and get in on the action. Check out these five Emmy-nominated late-summer dramas that are worth watching again and again. They all have upcoming seasons and they have over three dozen Emmy nominations, combined.

1. "Mad Men": It's hard to argue with the third season's whopping 17 Emmy nominations. Most of your favorite 1960s Madison Avenue ad executives are starting their own agency, spearheaded by the troubled and excruciatingly handsome Don Draper (Jon Hamm). But Don's personal life suffers more than usual as Betty (January Jones) wants a divorce, even though his cheating seems to be in the past.

2. “True Blood”: In the third season of the best drama series nominee, the sub-plots thicken but eventually intertwine. Viewers get a better glimpse into vampire politics as a Mississippi vampire king kidnaps Bill (Stephen Moyer) and works to acquire his allegiance. The king also becomes a key character as he orders around and supplies vampire-blood addicted biker werewolves in an alliance that defies supernatural species odds.

3. "The Good Wife": Art imitates life as the first season showed Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) in the outstanding actress-nominated role of the wife of a scandal-ridden politician. Florrick picks up the pieces and tries to provide for her family by squeezing back into a career as a defense attorney while her husband sits in jail. The second season will answer whether she'll end her marriage or stand beside her disgraced husband (Chris Noth) as he makes a political comeback.

4. "Dexter": The season four finale and the Trinity Killer – for who's portrayal earned John Lithgow an Emmy nomination – made for a tough kill to follow. This season is rumored to show Dexter (Michael C. Hall) grieve a loss and increase his learning of normal human behavior his Dark Passenger has kept him from developing. (Check local satellite TV deals for Showtime and watch last season's gut-wrenching finale before starting this one.)

5. "The Closer": Outstanding actress in a drama nominee Kyra Sedgwick keeps Deputy Chief Johnson's confession-obtaining unorthodox despite her team's promotion to a higher-tech facility. Her husband is up for an FBI job that will keep him in Los Angeles and it seems that they might spend more time together. But her team's heavy case load and her die-hard work ethic seem to threaten that prospect.

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