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Imagine how you'd feel if you woke up one morning, looked out the window and your car was gone. It happens more often than you think. According to statistics kept by the FBI, a car is stolen somewhere in this country every 33 seconds.

Sometimes the thieves steal cars because they need a ride, but more often it's to obtain parts they can sell on the black market. After stealing your car, they may drive it to a warehouse where fellow thieves are waiting with screwdrivers in hand to take it apart.

So what can you do to prevent auto theft, what is commonly referred to as a crime of opportunity? Simply follow these five car safety rules:

1. Always lock your car when you park it. If given the choice between a locked car and an unlocked car, a thief will usually choose the easier path.

2. Equip your car with an anti-theft device. There are many types of alarms. Some make loud noises, some silently notify authorities. If an alarm goes off, thieves will usually run.

3. Install a locking mechanism. These types of devices lock the steering wheel, ignition or even the doors if someone who's not supposed to be driving your car tries to start it.

4. Equip your vehicle with a recovery system. Homing devices and having the VIN etched in your windows helps the police recover your vehicle and return it to you if a thief does make off with your car.

5. Install a fuel cut-off device. If someone starts your car and this anti-theft device is armed, the fuel to the engine is cut off, making it impossible for the car to go anywhere.

It's also a good idea to follow these driving safety tips when you're out and about so opportunistic thieves won't think of you as an easy target: Always park in well lit areas, and no matter what, do not leave a key in the ignition, or an extra set of keys under a floor mat.

Take safe driving seriously and thieves will think twice before giving you any trouble.

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Author: Andy Quayle

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