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(ARA) – Home remodeling projects can become overwhelming to even the most experienced DIYers. Thanks to new technology and online resources, these projects don’t have to be so daunting. With online sites and tools to keep homeowners on track, complicated projects are simpler than ever. By doing the proper research and using these new resources, homeowners will find that technology can make home improvement projects faster, and more painless and precise.

Virtual design tools

While some homeowners have a natural instinct and vision for how they want their home to look, others need a little guidance. With seemingly limitless options, a homeowner could come up with literally millions of color and style combinations. The tools to narrow in on the perfect elements are crucial.

It’s simple to pick out different pieces and materials for a home, but making sure everything fits together for a cohesive style is the most important part of home decorating. For those not blessed with the designer gene, many popular home publications and home improvement companies offer online resources with tools that provide both inspiration and a realistic visualization for those planning the design of their home.

Lumber Liquidators, the largest specialty retailer of hardwood flooring in the United States, recently created the “Room Designer” on its website,, for homeowners to view different varieties of floors within a number of different types of rooms and setups. Users can swap out the flooring, change the cabinet and wall colors, save their designed rooms and even e-mail the combination to themselves or friends. The site also allows visitors to view before and after pictures from actual customers in order to get ideas for their own homes. Ultimately, homeowners must feel comfortable in their homes and the decor and tone should really fit their personalities and lifestyles.

Planning made mobile

Many people find themselves with limited time, and planning a home improvement project ends up at the end of a very long to-do list. For these homeowners, mobile applications are ideal to make progress – while waiting for the bus or during their lunch break – even if they don’t have time to sit down and plan a home improvement project.

Mobile applications can also save DIYers a little cash as they don’t have to spend money on expensive tools. Apps can be a remodeler’s best friend as they’ll do everything from turning a phone into a level, converting measurement units, serving as a flashlight or identifying the cheapest retailer to buy tools. The “Floor Finder” even tells homeowners the amount of flooring needed to fill a room. Homeowners can download the “Floor Finder” for free at the Apple iTunes store.

Besides doing everything but physically completing the project, technology can be a huge help in the home improvement process. Homeowners should take advantages of ways to make their lives – and projects – easier.

These useful tools and more can be found within the productivity and utility sections of your preferred app store.

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