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Very, very, very simply – SSL is an abbreviation for Secure Socket Layer. An SSL Certificate provides some assurance of authenticity and security for domains, sites, online services and software. Your SSL Certificate shows that you’re trustworthy.

Who needs an SSL Certificate?

  • Anyone who has a store and/or accepts payment online.
  • Anyone who collects sensitive information online such as names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, birth dates, and other information.
  • Anyone who shares private information online. i.e vendor/supplier sites or portals.
  • Any company that shares private information over an in-house network or Intranet.
  • Any company, organization, business or individual who has to maintain and attain certain compliances.

Why do I need an SSL Certificate?

As I mentioned in opening, an SSL Certificate shows that you are trustworthy and that your data is being kept secure.
Businesses who do not have an SSL Certificate find their data to be at risk and customers turning away and not making purchases online because of the lack of encryption.

Tubu Internet Solutions SSL Lock Your online visitors have learned to look for security while online, sharing information and making purchases.
No sign of an SSL Certificate – No customer trust – No business – No purchase – No return customers.

Also, just imagine if your customer did make a purchase and you had a security breach and their information was…. pilfered. You’d be in a whole World of trouble.

How do I get an SSL Certificate? what do they cost?

Many, many companies online offer SSL services and to varying standards. As long as you’re legitimate and can verify the information you’re asked for it isn’t hard to get an SSL.
How difficult it is to set up on your site or service depends on what you’re trying to do. Generally it isn’t too difficult.  It helps if you have a company with 24/7 support.

Of course cost varies too. What you pay for an SSL Certificate can vary per company and what kind of a certificate you’re purchasing. For example:

  • Standard SSL Certificates which only tells customers that your domain is valid, verified and secure can cost about $30/year per domain.
  • Deluxe SSL Certificates validates and verifies your domain, secures your site and verifies your identity too. This can cost about $89.95/year per domain.
  • Premium SSL Certificate Services often require a letter from your attorney or accountant. These certificates require an extensive verification process and provide your customers with the highest level of assurance. Premium SSL Certificates typically cost about $100/year per domain.
  • Code Signing Certificates are ideal for coders and software developers and software publishers. A Code Signing Certificate authenticates your code source and integrity.  She your customers and users that your code is up to scratch and that you stand behind it. Code Signing Certificates usually cost about $200/year.


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Author: Andy Quayle

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