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If you have ever spent more than 10 minutes on chat roulette you have probably seen more of the male anatomy than you ever wanted.  You have probably heard about it on the news and maybe even heard they created male genital recognition software to try and curb some of the exhibitionism.  But there is something a lot stranger and scarier happening on chat roulette these days than twigs and berries.  More after the video

The marketing team for The Last Exorcism has arguably created the best viral marketing campaign thus far and maybe ever.  They have taken the mystery of who you will meet on the popular webcam chat site to a whole new level.  My only wish was that they did not include the website at the end; forcing people to search out who or what was responsible for the “demon” stripper girl.

If you frequent chat roulette and came across the “demon” stripper, post a comment about your reaction.

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Author: Shawn