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Are you thinking about pursuing a career in graphic design? Do you enjoy creatively constructing documents on the computer, but are frustrated by the lack of options on the program you’re currently using?

Lucky for you, Adobe stepped up to the plate and created a program that effectively meets a wide variety of graphic design needs. This comprehensive desktop publishing program goes by a practical name that’s easy to remember and is widely recognized in the design industry: InDesign.

InDesign is Adobe’s innovative program that allows you to design and develop your own publications using a variety of tools such as text wrapping, precise image manipulation and placement, and color handling. This program is a newer version of the original PageMaker – it builds upon the quality already present in that great Adobe program to offer you the most accessible desktop publishing program available.

Why InDesign blows other programs out of the water

For those of you who are stubbornly hanging on to the past, it is time to see the light. Microsoft Word is a great word processing program, but when it comes to graphic design, you need a program that has exceptional design capabilities.

To help make this argument clearer, here are a few of the features Adobe InDesign offers to expedite and improve the design process:

  • A large, non-printing workspace where you can place elements of your design that you are not yet ready to use
  • An extensive toolbox that allows you to easily perform tasks such as: selecting text, rotating and cropping objects, drawing constrained lines and shapes, inserting placeholders for images, zooming, navigating and much more
  • Five palettes – colors, styles, master pages, layers and hyperlinks – that each have multiple tools and can be merged together to create and control different aspects of your design
  • Palettes used to develop and manipulate stroke, color, gradient, transparency, paragraph styles, characters, swatches, pages, layers, navigation and much more

As you can see, InDesign is equipped with many tools and capabilities that other programs just do not have. Even when compared with other design-specific programs, Adobe InDesign still comes out on top. This unique program offers a sophisticated environment for graphic design and publishing.

If you are considering a graphic design career, or if you are already in the field and need a program that will meet all your needs, it is time to embrace InDesign. There are countless tutorials available on the Internet, making it quick and easy to learn this beneficial program. Give yourself the competitive edge you need to succeed in graphic design careers – start doing some research and learn how to use InDesign today.

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