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Tubu Internet Solutions now offers Grid powered technology on all US hosting plans.

Unlike their hosting competitors Tubu Internet Solutions’ Grid powered hosting packages don’t cram thousands of web sites onto one server giving it a single point of failure. Grid hosting means that clusters of servers instead of a single shared hosting server to increase performance and redundancy.

All new hosting accounts go grid automatically, current customers have the option to move their accounts to the grid if necessary.
Also, non-grid packages are still available to those who need special features.

Naturally, because this is Tubu we’re talking about here the hosting package prices haven’t changed. Normally, with many hosting companies the grid technology is expensive but Tubu being Tubu is keeping their rates low.

What does grid mean? use of the grid technology means that your site and your data are spread over a number of servers. This means that if one server experiences an issue the other servers are there to pick up the load, also the strain on a possibly very busy site is spread over a number of systems thus maintaining site and system stability.

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