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There is a lot of SEO talk about Keyword density, it seems to be a phrase that SEO professionals often keep to themselves, some kind of a secret tool.

Making best use of your site keywpord density isn’t hard though. You just have to keep in mind the practice when you’re creating your content.

First of all, and I’ll always tell you this, write for yourself, write for your reader, write for your audience, don’t write primarily for SEO and Keyword Density.

Keywords are certain, pertinant words in a post or on a page. They briefly describe the top of the content insaid post or page. For example, a couple of keywords for thios post would be search engines, keywords, density etc.

Keyword Density is how often your keywords are used in relation to other words in your content combined. If I were to write a post that was full of keywords and nothing but keywords it would have a very high keyword density.
The same works in reverse, if I were to have a great deal of content in a post or on a page and very little in the way of keywords it would make for a lighter keyword density.

What is a good keyword density? well, this is something that of often discussed and more often disputed amongst professionals. Firs I’d like to remind you that you should always write from you, for your reader and least of all for SEO.
Search engines have very, very complicated algorythms that look at page content and relate it as best it can to what the user is typing into the search box.

In years past cunning and devious webmasters filled pages on sites with tons ofcurrently popular keywords whether they had anything to do with the site or page content or not to just have them rank in the search traffic. Of course the search engines got wise to this and this is and elevated the importance of Keyword Density.
A good Keyword Density rule of thumb is around 2%. Posts and page content should normally be around 200 or 300 words. At a 2% density it makes a good balance.

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Author: Andy Quayle

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