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How many mobile phones do you have? no, not on you, not the working ones, the ones that might be sitting around your house.

How many mobile phones have you had? what did you do with the device you upgraded from? so many people throw away their old phones when they upgrade or update their phones.

Cellular technologies have advanced far more and far faster than many other technologies.  It seems there is a new phone, PDA or smart phone being released weekly and we all have to have the latest deviceto stay ahead of the hi-tech curve and just forget about our old devices. I know I have left old cell phones laying around in a drawer for quite a while before I got around todropping off for recycling.

Why recycle your phone though? can you really get money for old phones? How much good does Mobile Device recycling really do the environment?

It isn’t a new concept. Charities have been collecting old phones for a number of years. Now you can get cash for your old phone and help the environment at the same time.

It might only be a couple of bucks but it is a couple of bucks that you didn’t have before. Right? Many recycling companies even provide free mailing envelopes for your devices.

What good does it do the environment? Well, no matter how small phones contain metals, chemicals and other materials that can be toxic in landfills. Recycling puts the metals and plastics back into circulation cutting down the effort put into manufacturing.

There are a lot of recycling services around. Be sure to compare and get the best deal for yours.

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