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(Yes, pun intended)

Google‘s latest Handy Dandy feature in it’s Gmail email system is a thing called Priority Inbox.
With the feature activated, your Gmail inbox splits into a couple of different sections.  You have:

  • Important and Unread
  • Starred
  • Everything Else

I don’t think I need to go into what goes into each section, they’re fairly self explanatory.

How Google knows what is important and what is… everything else… I’ll never know. It can only be magic. However, it works! I’ve been using the Priority Inbox for a couple of days now and haven’t seen a message in the wrong place. Maybe this is partially because Google is telling me what is important and what isn’t and who am I to question Google?

Really though, everything seems to go to the right place and I notice and am more responsive to the email at the top of my inbox.
Of course, if something were to go to the wrong area, maybe you were to deem something important… or not… you can change the priority of a message using buttons in the toolbar.

With the inception of the Priority Inbox there has been a lot of talk about bacn and how Google is really putting bacn into the “everything else” area of your mailbox and keeping the personal, important stuff… well… personal and important.

Now, if only this functionality were to filter down to my mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) so that they don’t alert me to every hunk of bacn that I get… all day… every day.

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