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On April 12, Adobe Systems announced the launch of Adobe Creative Suite 5 (Adobe CS5). Adobe CS5 is a video editing and graphic design software with Web application capabilities. The software includes updated versions of familiar Adobe software:

  • Photoshop – updated with new digital and picture editing tools, including a realistic paintbrush tool and the ability to delete part of an image, which then fills in automatically.
  • Illustrator – updated to allow for integration with Dreamweaver while keeping content in a vector format for easy manipulation.
  • InDesign – updated to allow for easy object editing and selection as well as to incorporate interactive motion, sound and video for engaging print, online and mobile device publishing commonly used for advertising design.
  • Premier Pro – updated to work faster for video editing, including editing for tapeless camera formats.

  • Dreamweaver – updated to allow for importing .FLV files directly and for visual website creation and testing on multiple browsers and operating systems.

New components also included on the Adobe CS5 package are:

  • Flash Catalyst – the new interactive design tool that can be accomplished without writing code.
  • Flash Player 10.1 – which allows for uncompromised Web browsing of expressive applications and supports a wide range of mobile devices, allowing content to reach customers anywhere. The convenient usability will make the program relevant to colleges, especially for students enrolled in an advertising design school.
  • Adobe Air – develop applications across a multitude of platforms.

  • According to Adobe, the changes from previous Creative Suites will enable “interactivity, performance and maximizing the impact of digital content and marketing campaigns … while delivering significant workflow enhancements to designers and developers.”

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