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When it comes to web sites and web hosts time is truly money. If you encounter a slow host or a slow site the chances are that you’re not going to hang around ling to browse it.

Surprisingly it’s not only the site speed, and server speed that make a difference, the physical location of the server and data center too.
The further you are from your server the longer it takes for the data to travel from it to you. It might be milliseconds but it still matters when there is a lot of data transfer.

Tubu Internet Solutions is working with data centers around the World to bring it’s customers regionally located servers in the European Union and the Asia Pacific regions.

Domain registration and web hosting prices will, of course, remain low the only difference will be that when you sign up for hosting our system will look at you and see whereabouts you are and pick a location that works best geographically.

Take Google for example. Google has servers and data centers all over the World. Information passes from you to servers that are physically closest to you to provide you with the fastest results possible.

Learn more about Tubu Internet Solutions here.

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Author: Andy Quayle

Andy was born in the Isle of Man and currently lives in Pittsburgh.
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