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I have been a faithful user of Netflix since July of 2005.  I had just moved to Pittsburgh, and could not justify the high cost of cable, since I was rarely home to watch television, but I still wanted to have some regular form of entertainment.  Netflix was the perfect solution for my budget, since there were plans at various price points.  I joined right away, and have never looked back.    Since then, I have recommended Netflix to so many people, and even bought Hubby a 6 month subscription back when we were first dating.  He loved it so much, he kept it up, and now that we are married, we still maintain two separate accounts, as we have pretty different tastes in movies.   The cost is pretty minimal, and it is worth it for me to not have to wait for him to return “Frost Nixon” for me to get the next dvd of Six Feet Under Season 4”, seriously.

I think the most enticing part of Netflix is how easy it is to get started.  They offer you a free one month trial, which allows you time to set up your account, add movies to your movie queue (list of movies to be sent to you) and see how the process works, before making a decision as to whether Netflix is a service that will work well for you.  Netflix also quickly learns, through the movies you select, and how you rate movies you have watched (using their star rating system) what types of movies you like, and will make movie suggestions to you.  I cannot tell you how many fantastic movies I have discovered through these recommendations.

Netflix has, over the years, greatly expanded their delivery options beyond their original model (movies by mail only) to include online viewing and streaming to your televisions using streaming devices.  The selection of movies and television shows available for instant streaming is pretty amazing.

If you have never tried Netflix, give it a shot, because it really is a great service.  If you tried it in the past, and did not think it was a good fit for you, I strongly encourage you to give them a second chance; they have made numerous improvements over the years that may surprise you, and make it a better fit for your entertainment needs.  As for me and Hubby, we will most likely continue to be a two Netflix account family.  Unless we have children, and then, well, then, we might have to add a third.

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Author: Tiffany Harkleroad

Tiffany is a blogger who lives in the greater Pittsburgh area. Currently, she blogs about life in her small town near Pittsburgh, as well as reviews books, and occasionally tells amusing stories about her life with pets. She is addicted to social media, and learning to embrace her inner IT geek.