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image Google Instant gives you the search results you want in a…. well…. instant. However, there are some results that Google just refuses to give you on its instant page. But why?

I’m not going to publish the list here because we’re not that kind of blog… if you must see it you can find a link to it at the end of this post :-p

But why?

According to Google:

The algorithms we use to remove a prediction from autocomplete consider a variety of factors. Among other things, we exclude predictions for queries when the query itself appears to be pornographic, violent or hateful… Importantly, we also consider the search results themselves for given queries. So, if the results for a particular query seem pornographic, our algorithms may remove that query from autocomplete even if the query itself wouldn’t otherwise violate our policies.

Google Search and Google Instant is a product. Well, it’s a service provided to us by Google. Nobody is forcing you to use Google, it’s not the only search engine in the World. Why complain about results being omitted? surely it’s the prerogative of those at Google to say what and what cannot be included in the results they are returning to you. Right?

Should we care? do we have a right to care?

Maybe if we were paying to use Google it would matter a little more. We’d have the right to care a little more.

What do you think? should Google filter their results like they do?

The Google Blacklist

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