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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Dual Electronics. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m not a fan of those “boy-racers” who kit out their cars with lights, stereo systems, rims and more but can hardly afford their car insurance… they really, really irk me.
I am, however,  a fan of quality sound.

Any vehicle you buy now has more than a little audio technology than the traditional Blaupunkt Radio as standard. There are speakers in very conceivable corner of the car pumping out quality audio right out of the showroom.

A little more amplification and something on the bass side doesn’t hurt (not too much though 🙂 ) though.

Dual Electronics announced today their range of XPE Series Amplifiers. Essentially, they’re great! None too expensive either at between about $120 and $200 depending on what you need.

It’s good to see that Dual is safety minded too with quality maintaining (less fiddly) direct-wire inputs, thermal overload and low-impedance circuits. Even the body of the amp is designed and manufactured to increase performance and reliability, the majority of the body is black anodized extruded aluminum which turns the whole thing into a dissipating heatsink.

Protect the rest of your valuable equipment with the XPE’s Speaker short protection.

Go ahead and check out the entire XPE series of amplifiers on the Dual Electronics site and bump up your in car sound a little.