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Because the Isle of Man had various peoples amongst its population over the ages, given names on the Isle of Man have Celtic and Norse influences. An excellent resource for Viking/Scandinavian names for study or to use as baby names is  The Viking Answer Lady (in fact this is an EXCELLENT resource for all aspects of Viking life and legend. Celtic names (including Irish, Scottish, Welsh and Briton) can be found at: Behind The Name which has original spellings and unique names not found in general baby name sites.

Female First Names

Name Meaning Name Meaning
Aalid, Aelid beauty Johnet feminine of John
Aalin beautiful Jonee, Joney, Jony grace
Aaue Eva Lilee lily
Aileen, Eil[l]een, Elena sunlight Lora sufficient
Aimel beloved Lula, Lulach shining
Ainle angel Malane magnificent [Madeline]
Ailstreena feminine of Alister Manana feminine of Mannanan
Andreca feminine of Andrew Margaid a pearl
Aufrica, Effrica, Aurick a maid from Africa Mariot, Marion, Moreen, Mariod little Mary
Bahey flower Meave a fairy queen
Blaa, Blae flower Moirrey, Voirrey bitter [Mary]
Brede, Breeshey, Bridget shining [Bridget] Mona the Isle of Man
Caly female servant [saint’s] Moreen little Mary
Cara a songster Mureal sea bright
Carola noble spirited Nan, Nancy gracious
Catreena, Catreeney pure [Catherine] Nessa, Nessy secret
Cissolt little Cecilia Onnee grace [Annie]
Creena wise Onnor, Onora, Nora honourable
Cristeena of Christ Paaie Peggy
Doona dark maiden Ranhilda God’s fight
Ealee, Ealish noble Rein[a] a queen
Ealisaid god’s oath Renny a fern
Eunys joy Roseen little rose
Feena Feena fair maiden Sheela form of Cecilia
Fenella, Fin[g]ola fair shoulder Sorcha bright
Fritha peace Tosha the first
Grayse grace Una a lamb
Greeba place name Ursula little wolf
Iney, Ina a daughter Vorana great
Jinn, Joan, Joney, Joannia grace Ysbal, Isbal form of Isabel

Male First Names

Name Meaning Name Meaning
Aedan little fire Gilno, Dilno saint’s servant
Aleyn, Aland famed ruler Gilrea servant of the King
Alister defending men Godred, Gorry, Orry God’s peace
Andreays a man [Andrew] Hugh, Hugo studious
Asmund gift of the gods Illiam defending men
Austeyn venerable Jamys, Hamish beguiling
Bertram, Bertrem bright raven Jole Yule
Brendan dark person Juan, Yuan well born
Cairbe, Carbry virtuous love Kerron, Kieran grey, dark
Carmac, Cormac a charioteer Laurys crowned with laurel [Laurence]
Colby place name Marcus, Markys a hammer
Colum a dove Martyn martial: saint’s name
Colyn a whelp Mayl like God [Michael]
Conylt, Conal love Mian good [Matthew]
Cristen belonging to Christ Nele, Niall champion
Dermot, Germot, Diarmid God reverencing Olaf, Olave of the gods
Dolyn, Dollin, Dolen variation of Donald [world ruler] Oshin little fawn
Doncan, Donachan brown warrior Padeen little Patrick
Doolish, Douglas place name Paric[k], Peric[k] a patrician, noble
Eamon happy peace Payl form of Paul
Edard happy keeper Peddyr a rock
Eoin, Ean, Ewan, Yvon well born Ramsey place name
Faragher supreme choice Robart form of Robert
Fergus great dear one, super choice Robyn little Robert
Finbar wave crest Ronan God ruler
Finlo, Fynlo fair Scandinavian Rory fame ruler
Fintan a little fair one Sharry God’s peace
Flaxney not known Sigurd victorious one
Fynn fair Stoill with a will
Gavan, Gawain a smith Thomase a twin, form of Thomas

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