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Traditional Manx food, like much of the staple Celtic fare, incorporates meats, pastries and fish with convenience for a hardworking people on the go. Hand pies, pasties, buns and puddings nourished farmers and labourers in times past and still serve as tasty snacks today.

Manx food is not complicated. It is simple and hearty and made with easily obtained ingredients. Favourites such as bonnag, queenies, kippers, bonaffee tart and pasties are best enjoyed in the sea air with a cold drink or locally brewed beer.

Those around the world wanting a taste of Mann can recreate such foods in their own homes with recipes from such informative sites as (which features authentic recipes and historical backgrounds) and even BBCGoodFood for modern twists on old favourites.  If you’re visiting the Island you might take a trip to the historical village of Creg Nesh and see bonnag being made the traditional way in Harry Kelly’s cottage. See below for a listing of dishes enjoyed on the Isle of Man and recipes for them.
Fruited Bonnag
Updated Banoffee Pie
Original Banoffee Pie Recipe
Manx Pudding
Manx Kippers
Elderflower Wine
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Bangers and Mash
Toad in the Hole
Manx Broth
English Fry up
Sausage Rolls
Cornish Pasties
Scotch Eggs
Yorkshire Parkin
Bubble and Squeak
Yorkshire Pudding
Mushy Peas
Fish and Chips
Chip Shop Curry Chips
Vindaloo (chicken)

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