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Apple may not allow porn on their iPhones, iPods and iPads however Victoria’s Secret certainly managed to come close with their iPad app.

Actually, if you were to say to me “create an app for our lingerie store” I’d likely rack my brain for a while and come up with…. well… not much of an app. I’m no lingerie and clothing expert but I couldn’t possibly imagine what to fill an app with.
The good people at Victoria’s Secret did a pretty good job of creating an iPad app that isn’t just selling their product.

The app is very well built, with a quick, nice, smooth interface. Right away you’re greeted with featured items from the VS PR Department. A quick tap on the VS All Access gives you features, news and events as well as information, stats, secrets and more about the Victoria’s Secrets Supermodels. vs2

Other options in the app give you the ability to shop the VS Catalogue (from within the app), browsing with a very Apple-esque, scroll-y, interface, just flip through the store categories. You can shop online and go right to the VS web store.
What store app wouldn’t let you shop from right in the app, right?

Naturally, there is something of a Social Media/Sharing/Special Access element to the app. You can connect your app to Facebook and Twitter and share your lingerie findings, get insider tips (?!) and connect right to the Victoria’s Secret YouTube Channel. vs3

The question is though, will this app be used for any actual shopping?
Will there be more guys than girls downloading it?

What are your thoughts?

Download the Victoria’s Secret iPad app here

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