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(ARA) – Efficiency means two things for a small business owner: getting things done and conserving resources. Ever-changing technology allows small business owners to improve their efficiency, organization and multi-tasking skills, which can lead to growth and success in the corporate world.

“Small businesses are always looking for ways to maximize their resources and enhance productivity, and technology is one of the easiest ways to do that,” said Denise O’Berry, small to medium business blogger and author of “Small Business Cash Flow: Strategies for Making Your Business a Financial Success.” “There are a number of wonderful innovations that help employees contribute more, even when they are on the move and doing other activities.”

When seeking to improve efficiency inside and outside your office, consider these gadgets and programs:

  • Tablet computers allow you and your employees to take your business anywhere, which means you aren’t tied down to a desk or an office. Many small business owners also invest in smart phones that allow them to access the Web, call customers and check their e-mail. The smart phones can be a little slower than tablet computers, but they are easier and lighter to transport.
  • The phone is very important to your business, especially when you are able to multi-task with cordless office headsets. One great example is the AT&T TL7611 cordless headset, featuring unsurpassed sound clarity and 45 percent better range than competitive headsets, according to independent lab studies. In fact, you could still take a phone call using the remote dial-pad at least 500 feet away from your desk – virtually anywhere in your home or office. These features mean never missing a call while away from your desk, and being able to grab coffee, make copies, organize files and more – all while staying productive on calls.

Open range test was performed by Wyle Laboratories, an independent commercial test facility. “Up to 500 feet” cordless headset range refers to the maximum open field range. Actual range may vary depending on intervening obstacles. Maximum operable range distances are based on all-indoor use.

The AT&T TL7611 cordless headset and full line of product accessories can be found at

  • Dealing with clients can quickly become overwhelming if you’re trying to keep track of sales, promotions, customer contacts or conversations. A customer relations management program will help you grow your business – and the information you’re collecting about your contacts – by tracking and organizing everything you need to know about your sales associates and customers.
  • If you, or your employees are frequently out of the office, set up a remote office access program, so they can easily work while on the road or from home. This will allow everyone to access their e-mail and files saved on the office computer system, communicate with fellow employees and handle all business matters while away from the office.
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    p>Small business and home business owners can struggle in the corporate world, but many helpful technological devices can help turn that struggle into success.

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