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Finally! Google Voice has officially come to the iPhone, it’s free and it’s awesome.

It has taken so long for the Google Voice app to be approved by Apple because Apple and/or AT&T had very stringent rules against applications making phone calls over the AT&T network. gviphone

Essentially the Google Voice application is capable of making low cost local, national and international calls over the AT&T network for a lot less than AT&T would charge. Naturally they’re not too happy about this but it would appear there isn’t much that they can do.

Through the Google Voice iPhone app you can make calls (contacts integrated), send and receive SMS messages, check your Google Voice Voicemail etc.

The app even supports push – you’ll get instant notifications when you miss calls, receive a voicemail or SMS.

The app has already found its way to the lower bar of my iPhone.

I use Google Voice to make phone calls all over the World and now that I have the official app it is so much easier to do.
While there have been apps and methods of making calls from your mobile device, it’s nice to have an approved, authentic method.

Well worth a download. Also, if you don’t have Google Voice – get on it!

Why not get a free, personal, centralized, manageable phone number, voicemail and SMS system of your own?

Learn more about the Official Google Voice App here

Learn more about Google Voice here

Author: Andy Quayle

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