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Error – C0000135: {unable to locate component} This application has failed to start cause MCVCR80.dll
Reinstalling the application may fix this problem

I turned on my Windows Vista machine yesterday only to find that it had decided to go belly up and reboot itself instead of starting Windows.

After turning off the auto reboot on error and carefully watching the items loaded through the boot process I was able to get an error code and figure out what the problem was.

Apparently my AVG antivirus had tried to update overnight and something had gone terribly awry.

The Microsoft Forums offered some help (link below).

Essentially all that needs to be done is for you to boot into some form of a command prompt mode or use a boot CD to rename your AVG directory (in Program Files | AVG), restart your computer and reinstall AVG (run the fix/repair)… should you decide to keep AVG on your computer after is causes the blue screen.

Naturally it was my main, desktop computer with the writable drives that went wrong. Neither my netbook or iPad can write bootable CDs so I was left scratching my head until I fell across my good, trusty old Emergency Boot CD. EBCD was able to boot into its own operating system where I easily renamed the AVG directory and go on with life as usual.


p>See the forums’ answers here