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Secret Agent L says, "Be Kind. No Exceptions."

I was recently given the opportunity to help out with a site which, to be honest, I didn’t really know all that much about.

All I knew that that is a big deal, the person who runs the site is more than super-passionate about it and that it needs to be bigger and that I’ll do whatever I can to get it there.

When word went out that there was a problem with the site a little while ago I offered my services to at least see if I could figure out what was going on. After a quick fix the site was back up and everyone was happy.
Conversations progressed and Norm Huelsman and I managed to persuade Laura that her site and the project as a whole needs to be moved from Blogger to a ‘real’ hosted WordPress site and Tubu Internet Solutions hopped up and we got things rolling.

Norm did most of the leg work – I just tweaked a few behind the scenes things and pitched in where needed 🙂

What is all about? Well, it’s simply about kindness and doing nice things for others.
All over the World there are ‘affiliated agents’ who take on little missions like leaving strategically placed chocolate all over Nantucket, or keeping others’ hands warm and many more creative, imaginative acts of kindness.

It’s really quite simple and so very, very effective. There are stories of strangers bursting into tears when they found their surprise.

Laura and her project were even featured as one of Yahoo!’s 2010 Inspiring Acts Sites. It was great to see this much deserved, huge, exposure.

Sadly I’m not creative enough to think up surprises like others do but I’m happy to help where I can.

Visit the Secret Agent L web site
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See the site on Yahoo

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