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I logged into my Facebook page yesterday only to receive a prompt that “Friend XYZ has upgraded to the new profile!” and suggesting I do the same. I figured, what else do I have to do? And I have to admit, it was a little disorienting at first. Things do indeed look a little different. Smaller fonts, sleeker lines, and in my own personal opinion, cleaner navigation. It certainly will take a while to get used to, as will all changes. I get it.

What I do not get is the amount of time people spend complaining about the layout of a social media website that they can freely choose to either use or not use. Sure sure I do understand that people are entitled to opinions, heck, that is why I am spouting mine, but at the end of the day, if it bothers you that much, instead of being passive aggressive and moaning about it all over the internet, why not just quit using the site? If you feel like your voice is not being heard by Facebook, take action rather than just yelling louder.

Personally, I like the fact that Facebook continues to change and upgrade. I feel like they are continuing to make the site better, more user friendly, easier to navigate, more relevant to a larger audience, and hopefully more secure (we will see). If we were all content to let things stay the same and never change, we would all still be on Friendster or Myspace, right? I mean, come on, Twitter recently changed, and people were chomping at the bit to get the “New Twitter” even if they only later hated it. So why does Facebook always get a bad rap?

Well, they do not always listen to the wants or needs of the user. I think they are getting better at this, but still have a long way to go. And changes are not hyped up appropriated. The Twitter change was hyped for weeks. I never even knew about this latest Facebook change until it happened. But they are getting better at Facebook, allowing users to opt to change early rather than just forcing the change is a smart move, it makes the user feel in control.

In short, while I might not like everything about this newest Facebook change, I do support it, because it keeps things fresh and interesting. And if nothing else, it gives people something to complain about on Twitter.

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Author: Tiffany Harkleroad

Tiffany is a blogger who lives in the greater Pittsburgh area. Currently, she blogs about life in her small town near Pittsburgh, as well as reviews books, and occasionally tells amusing stories about her life with pets. She is addicted to social media, and learning to embrace her inner IT geek.