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I come across and am told about so many WordPress plugins that many just get lost in the crowd. It’s not often that any really, really stand out in the crowd.
I wouldn’t be writing this post if I hadn’t found one, right?

Suburban Media has come up with a great Service Business oriented plugin that integrates with your WordPress driven web site and Paypal.
The WordPress Gift Certificate plugin gioves businesses the ability to sell and more importantly manage printable gift certificates right from their web sites and take payment for them directly into Paypal.

The visitor buys the gift certificate for amount set by you or a custom amount, the transaction goes through your Paypal account and a unique gift certificate if emailed to the purchaser.
Each certificate is given a unique QR Code so that you, the business owner, can check the authenticity of the certificate with your Smart Phone, should you need to.

What a great idea! What a great plugin!

Especially around holiday season, gift certificates are very, very popular. If you have a service oriented business (pet sitting, hair, beauty, food, drink etc) Gift Certificates can be a great way to push business.

There are a lot of possibilities for this service and looking at the comments on the plugin site there are already a lot of great suggestions.

I can see this one going a long way – what do you think?


Download the plugin here

Get WordPress hosting here


p>See the Official Plugin Site here

Author: Andy Quayle

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