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(ARA) – The holidays are in full swing, and customers are being greeted by an array of new technologies on retailers’ shelves. People are seeing that technological advancements have changed things significantly not only in the consumer world but also in the business world.

These changes are allowing organizations to be more efficient than ever before and are helping businesses beat the competition. This ability to compete is not only important in large businesses but also extremely important to small businesses. This holiday season is the perfect time for small-business owners to show their employees how much they care and give them the most advanced technologies to stay ahead in today’s marketplace.

If new technology is on the gifting list for small-business owners this year, they ultimately want a PC that helps increase the productivity of their employees and provides the security they need for peace of mind. Often these capabilities depend on the PC, as well as the software programs that the PC runs on, such as its operating system. Microsoft Corp. understands this, and it is the reason why Microsoft offers Windows 7 Professional, which was designed specifically with small businesses in mind.

So, make the list, check it twice and make sure you keep in mind these cool PCs for your employees, all of which come with Windows 7 Professional:

  • Asus UL30A. Perfect for the business traveler as its light and thin design makes for easy transport. Its long-lasting battery allows for 10 hours of computing without plugging it in.
  • Dell Latitude Z. Advertising itself as the world’s thinnest and lightest 16-inch laptop, this computer is perfect for highly visual business travelers.

  • HP EliteBook 2740p. This computer comes with extensive wireless connectivity options, as well as GPS to aid frequent travelers. A fingerprint sensor provides an extra layer of security.

  • Lenovo ThinkPad Edge. This budget-friendly option comes in three different sizes – all featuring a long battery life, a hassle-free recovery system in the event of crashes and a spill-resistant keyboard to increase durability.

  • Sony VAIO Z. Its lightweight, sleek-yet-sturdy design allows for easy carrying and stowing. Users can also create a mobile hotspot and connect up to five other PCs or devices.

For more information on business computer systems and what Microsoft offers small businesses, visit To learn more about how you can buy a PC, visit

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