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The Cloud cometh!

Before I go on, let me explain the two main subjects in this post.

What is VMWare? VMWare is a company that makes and sells virtualization software. The ‘VM’ in VMWare stands for Virtual Machine. Virtual Machines are basically computer operating systems and the software that runs on them all enveloped in a software package.
So, I have a Windows 7 Computer – I have software that really needs to run on a Windows XP or a CentOS computer. I can install VMWare and create a virtual machine on my Windows 7 computer and run the virtual computer, the operating systems and the applications in a virtual environment.

What is AWS? AWS is the Amazon Web Services.  Not only does Amazon house massive amounts of physical product but they house massive amounts of data too. Since early 2006 Amazon Web Services have provided network and data infrastructure to serve the data needs of businesses of all sizes.
Of late AWS has really pushed cloud computing.

In a recent blog post  AWS announced the ability to import VMWare to the AWS Data cloud.
That’s right – import bootable Operating systems and applications to AWS.

How about housing your entire data center, off site, safe and sound with Amazon? Server OS’ ‘n all.

Not only is this a massive push forward to emergency disaster and contingency planning – sure your building may have burned down your data is all safe – but it’s a massive step forward for mobile computing and telecommuting.

It’ll cut the cost of IT Data Centers operation.

Maybe it won’t immediately close up your business data center/server room but it’ll certainly extend it’s capabilities. Why not replicate server data to the AWS cloud?

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