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parkpgh1The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust has gotten on the mobile ball and, with Deeplocal and a number of other partners developed an iPhone app through which you can see how many parking spaces are available in the Pittsburgh City garages.

I’ve traveled to downtown Pittsburgh in the past and cleverly found a garage only to be doomed to endlessly drive around and around behind a 237 year old woman who is on the same mission as I… to find a parking space.
Of course my parking predecessor would either find the only remaining space in the whole garage and take forever and 15 attempts to pull into it or just not find one at all.

Well, the ParkPGH iPhone app won’t help me avoid 237 year old drivers but it will give me a heads up as to which dahntahn (bleh) garages have spaces, which are running low and which to avoid completely. All just by checking out the list or the map and spotting the green, amber or red icons.


Not only does the ParkPGH app help you get into downtown Pittsburgh and safely park your car it gives you some suggestions of what to do whenever you leave your car and head out into the City.

What a great app!


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Author: Andy Quayle

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