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Now, this is a useful iPhone app.  Color (colour) correction for the iPhone depending on how color blind you are. dankam

I’m red/green shade color blind. This means I might have a little difficulty telling the differences between shades of red or green. The only time it made a difference in my life was during a high school art class when my art teacher asked me why I wasn’t painting the shadows correctly – I told her I didn’t see what she was talking about. The teacher whipped out the color test cards and sure enough we were both right!

The DanKam ($2.99) iPhone app allows the user to adjust their iPhone camera and picture viewer hues to compensate for the color blindness.

Its quite surprising, when you adjust the iPhone for the color test card and then switch over to the camera, what a difference there is between the reality that you see and the ‘reality’ through the viewfinder on your device.

This is another app that I can see great future applications for – maybe a stand-alone application one day integrated into a pair of glasses?

I can’t see myself using the app on a daily basis. Maybe if I ever pick out colors for something. It’s nice to have though and what a great idea!

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