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Contrary to popular belief, content on a blog is on king.

I read many, many blogs on a daily basis – some contain what I’d call great content, others not so much.

There used to be a time when blog/site content mattered much, much more.

There are a lot of sites, videos and other media out there with absolutely terrible, useless content but seem to be really popular and that get a stack of hits. Of course there are sites, videos and other media out there with great writing, brilliant content, knowledgeable writers and all the good stuff but have a very, very small following.
Helps to be a pretty, ditzy, blonde, right?

I’ve written posts that I consider complete tripe but they’ve been picked up online and have become surprisingly popular.

Yes, good content helps, informative content helps, it all has to be combined with positive SEO practices, overall online exposure, a positive following and a little luck.

For example, if Chris Brogan, Pete Cashmore, or Robert Scoble picked up on this post it’d likely become one of the more popular posts on the site. It might not be one of the better ones though.

Spend some time on your content. Good content is always good. Don’t spend all your time on your content though. Grow your network, increase your following.

Find yourself a couple of evangelists – look for people who are fans of you and of your site and will tweet, comment and retweet your content often.

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