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Here’s an interesting one – do you prefer to text or call? when? why?

Personally I despised texting on the older phones, hitting numbers multiple times etc. just didn’t work for me. Now, with my iPhone it’s far easier to not only compose a text but see the text conversation too.

Through Google Voice it’s easier still – just pop up a window and go to the Google Voice site on the computer I’m sitting at, type a name or names of the recipients and type the message. Its really easy to respond to Google Voice texts via email or right there in the Google Voice site.

Whether I prefer to text or call is a difficult question to answer. I suppose in my case it all depends on the circumstance.

In my Emergency Services line of work texting has become very useful.
The Fire Company has a group text set up so that one person can text one number and it’ll do to all those on the list. It’s great for speedy dissemination of information i.e the location and nature of a call or detail.

Of late, many more Birthday, Christmas and New Year greetings were sent via txt than by any other means.

In my opinion texting is better for brief messages that can await a response.
Like email… or even postal mail..text message wait until you get to them. However, because your phone notifies you immediately and people tend to have their phones on them all the time, responses to text messages are somewhat more expeditious than many other forms of communication. 

It’s good to sometimes have, in writing, the information in a text message.

Phone calls are still phone calls – they’re good for conversations, they’re still many times more personal than a text message and much more information can be relayed.

Wow, this post makes it sound like I’m advocating text messages and text messaging.

What do you prefer? why? when?