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(ARA) – Stylish wheels, contoured seats, increased fuel efficiency and added horsepower are just a few ways that today’s drivers are personalizing their vehicles. Estimated at nearly $28 billion annually, the automotive customization market is booming and includes thousands of products that can transform any car or truck into the vehicle of one’s dream.

“Many people see the vehicles they drive as a reflection of themselves,” says Chris Kersting, Specialty Equipment Market Association president and CEO. “So it’s no surprise that drivers like to customize their cars and trucks to reflect their unique personalities.”

While all vehicles can be personalized, shoppers looking for the car or truck with the greatest potential for customization can turn to the SEMA Award to guide them toward the most accessory-friendly new models. The winning vehicles were selected by manufacturers who develop and design automotive parts and accessories. This year’s winners include the Chevrolet Camaro named Hottest Car, the Ford F-Series named Hottest Truck and the Jeep Wrangler named Hottest 4×4-SUV.

“Every year manufacturers bring exciting and inventive new ideas for accessorizing vehicles to the SEMA Show,” says Kersting. “So many amazing products and accessories hitting the market right now involve improving the performance of vehicles’ functionality, safety and convenience and enhancing appearance and comfort. The SEMA Award winners represent the vehicles that offer some of the greatest possibilities.”

Chevrolet Camaro: The list of available performance parts and accessories for the Chevrolet Camaro grows daily as its popularity increases. Accessorizing ideas for this car range from air springs to electronic gadgets that charge your phone, provide you with GPS data and even monitor your tire pressure while sitting in the driver seat.

Ford F-Series: The Ford F-Series has long been a favorite with enthusiasts and parts manufacturers alike. The truck’s new design has spurred the growth of even more accessories. Some unique features include a slide-out bed to make loading and unloading easier for small business owners and special paint protection products to help prevent rocks, gravel, salt or insects from damaging the truck’s finish.

Jeep Wrangler: The multi-functional Jeep Wrangler, admired for its versatility as a personal vehicle, off-roading hobbyist’s toy and a great work vehicle, continues to drive demand for innovative custom parts and accessories. Specialty wheels and tires can make this vehicle transform easily from a daily driver to an off-road toy, while custom gauges, floor mats or seat covers provide the vehicle with an instant make-over.

With the right parts and accessories, drivers can make a personal statement with their new cars and trucks. Whether drivers are looking to create a high-performance sports car or a rugged truck worthy of off-roading, the first step is to select a vehicle that has the greatest potential for customization. The SEMA Award program provides valuable guidance to those looking for a top-quality vehicle that can be personalized.

Before purchasing your next vehicle, visit to learn more about the program and to view complete lists of manufacturers offering products for each of the winning vehicles. Then, you’ll be well on your way to creating a unique vehicle that fits you like a glove.

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