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Are you considering getting a smartphone, yet unsure about what exactly the phone will allow you to do? With so many types of phones on the market, the differences between their capabilities can be subtle.

Since many feature phones have some of the same capabilities as smartphones, it can be especially difficult to determine the differences between the two. A simple way to think of it is to compare a smartphone to a small personal computer, while feature phones behave more like phones with Internet capability, and access to other interactive tools.

Surfing the net

While feature phones have built-in web browsers, Android phones and other smartphones have operating systems that allow you to download web applications for sites that are customized for mobile phones. You also have the power to download applications that serve other useful purposes, like playing music or organizing photos. Another difference: smartphones have more storage space.


One of the best smartphone features is the built-in e-mail capability. While you can access your e-mail through the web browser on many feature phones, the operating system on most smartphones allows e-mail to be used in its own application. BlackBerrry has long offered phones with separate e-mail capabilities, but now BlackBerry smartphones offer the full capabilities of other smartphones.

Data plans

One thing to consider when purchasing a smartphone is the data plan that comes along with it. If you plan on using your phone a lot, you may want to purchase an unlimited data plan. Other data plans allow you to use only a certain amount of data for file transfers each month. If you are unsure about how much you need, you may want to go with a provider, like Cricket Wireless, that does not require you to sign a contract when you sign up for service.

Today’s smartphones can act as your camera, music player, GPS device and more. If you’re looking for a device that will keep you connected on the go while serving multiple purposes, it might be time to invest in a new smartphone.

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