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Standing on my Emergency Services and IT Person Soap Boxes I ask whether you have an ICE contact in your phone. How about your family? Do your children or elderly relatives have an ICE contact in their phones?

What is an ICE Contact? it’s simple – ICE stands for In Case of Emergency. It’s a contact that sits in your phone that contains Emergency Contact Information should something happen to you.

Police Departments, Fire Departments and Emergency Medical Services, when trying to ascertain the identity of a person or who to contact in case of an emergency are referring to the cell phone of the individual wherever possible.

It’s easy! just create a new contact named ICE – it’s easily searched for and easily referenced.
What should be in your ICE contact? well, anyone you wish to be contacted in case of an emergency. Maybe the phone number of your doctor, local police department, husband, wife, etc. Maybe in your contact notes you can put your date of birth and pertinent medical information.

ICE isn’t necessarily just Emergency Contact information – it can be as in depth or as vague as you like.

To make live even easier now there are certain apps available for newer Smart Phones (search for ICE) that list everything all in one nice page.

Do you have an ICE Contact in your phone?