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Have you wondered how long it takes for the typical Facebook post to get buried under everything else that is happening on Facebook?

Have you wondered how long your post or link has in the Facebook Limelight before it’s fame starts to decay, goes stale and dies?

Well, according to Visibli, your post has a whole 1 hour and 20 minutes before it starts to decay.

Within the first 80 minutes of being posted the typical post gets the most attention (i.e Likes and comments). Within 7 hours the post has had 80 of it’s views (that’s only 30 more percent over about 5 hours) and within 22 hours your post has had 95 percent of it’s total views (decaying to just 15% over 13 hours).

Twitter posts however, aren’t so resilient and have a much, much, shorter and more dramatic half-life.

This is all something to carefully consider while marketing your site, post, product etc.  Longevity and exposure of your link counts for a great deal.

All of this just shows what a difference placement can make.